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Dear New and Struggling Affiliates, I know that SFI can be overwhelming at first, and sometimes it wont seem possible for success! However I am here to tell you that if you take the time to [u]learn[/u] the material provided by SFI, [u]connect with your sponsor[/u] and [u]do your daily tasks[/u], [b]YOU[/b] will succeed, for the rest will follow! It is important to remember that you’ve opted to join SFI, some with the expectations of finding “[b]instant wealth[/b] some for the desire to actually be their own boss and have a business. Regardless of your personal reasons, the actions and outcomes are basically the same. Put forth the time and effort, just as if you’re working a “9-5” job to earn a paycheck, after all you’re not just going to go to work and sit around and expect to get paid, you actually need to work!…

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Is SFI a “pyramid scheme”?
Definitely not. In pyramid schemes, income is generated solely on the process of recruiting others into the pyramid who pay a fee to get in. Sometimes a product or service of questionable value is involved (one that is never retailed to the general public). However, generally what you’re buying is the right to recruit others into the scheme. This is illegal. Also, in pyramid schemes, those who get in first and who are at the top of the pyramid win, while most everyone else loses.

In SFI, on the other hand, there is NO COST required to participate, and affiliates are paid ONLY on product movement (both at wholesale and retail)—never on recruiting. And, unlike illegal pyramids, in SFI, no matter where you’re positioned in the network or when you join, you can advance to the very highest income levels and even earn more income…

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One of the things we most often see here in the Forum are reasons for failure. Or, are they reasons? Could it be that in most cases it is excuses instead? See what Brandon O’Dell, a consultant had to say about this issue, and then evaluate your own mindset. “As a consultant, and someone who talks to business owners on a daily basis, some who are clients and many more who are not, I’ve heard an incredible number of reasons why restaurant owner’s businesses are struggling or failing. 99 out of 100 times, that “reason” really isn’t a reason at all, it’s an “excuse”. There’s a big difference, and I’ll tell you what it is. A “reason” is an explanation for why something is the way it is, with everyone involved taking accountability for their part in a situation. An excuse is an explanation for why…

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Four Photo Friday (the dog, the children, and the remodel)

Tales from the Great Adventure

IMG_8428 Scout – love this face – Labradoodle

Note: If you are one of the recent influx of new readers, then welcome, I’m glad you’re here. You may not be familiar with my occasional “Five photo Friday.” Content like today is generally intended as a break from a series of more serious meditations, or simply because I have a few pictures I think it would be fun to share. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the short diversion.

The Dog:

IMG_8435First, our shaggy, scruffy, aging labradoodle Scout. We’ve been concerned about how hard it’s getting for “Her Dogness” to move around; but she’s pretty much staked out undisputed ownership of the old leather couch, and is perfectly happy. As to the unkempt appearance, she generally looks like that within 24 hours of each (expensive) grooming; Scout is essentially an enormous dust-bunny with four feet, a head, and a tail… until her summer haircut…

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Finance Release

Quote of the Day

“I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”
-Mike Todd




2017 – 03 – 13

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New Theme: Lodestar

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This Theme Thursday, I’m happy to share Lodestar, our new free theme!



Designed by Mel Choyce, Lodestar is perfect for your small business or organization’s website.

The theme allows you to create a one-page website, showcasing all your company’s information in one spot, interspersed with full-sized featured images.

Or you can use Lodestar to make a beautiful, multi-page website. The theme’s portfolio support allows you to display your past work to prospective clients. You can also post testimonials, sharing how happy past clients are with your creations.


Learn more about Lodestar by checking out the theme’s showcase.

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love, Legos, stories, and imagination at “Camp Grandparent”

Tales from the Great Adventure


This has been a classic “host the grandchildren” week here at Maul-Hall. Four days in Wake Forest while their parents remodel the nursery at their church home in Richmond. I love the way our daughter Naomi is harnessing her creativity, her crafting, and her commitment to serve God in such an imaginative way.
Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying the creativity, the imagination, and the over-the-top enthusiasm of two extremely energetic children! The challenge is to provide constant opportunity for them to remain engaged and learning, while having fun at the same time.

img_8081The challenge is to provide constant opportunity for them to remain engaged and learning, while having fun at the same time.

That’s why I love to see them involved in so much self-directed play. They build, make up stories role play, read, and invent their own games. Then there was making bread with grandmama, heading to the park with…

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